William Langdon has had a 25-plus year career in the software, technology and enterprise data sectors after starting his career at Disney in finance and marketing. He served as CFO of venture-backed OmniTicket Network and after served in a series of senior management roles at digital mapping leader NAVTEQ (acquired by Nokia). After starting in European Sales, he became General Manager of the global Distribution division and President of NAVTEQ’s first acquisition, a digital mapping company based in Seoul, South Korea. Since that time, he has served in a series of senior management roles with venture-backed French technology start-ups including Goldman Sachs backed Nuxeo and Intersec, backed by Highland Europe.

Mr Langdon received his MBA from Yale University and is a member of the Singula Institute Board of Directors. He resides in New York City, United States.

Mr Langdon serves as Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and as a Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of VivoPower.