Peter Jeavons has over 30 years’ experience working in a number of executive-level international roles predominantly focused on leading technology and enterprise software solutions across many industry sectors. His career has been spent working for small start-ups, medium-sized and large corporate businesses, helping to drive strong growth, turnarounds and with involvement from both sides in successful merger and acquisition activities. He specializes in policy, regulatory and legislative compliance-based solutions and has a strong interest in how technology can help to drive sustainability and save the planet.

Mr Jeavons was part of the global leadership team that sold a high-growth business to Oracle and then successfully relaunched their regulatory compliance solution as a native SaaS platform internationally. During his career he has also worked for companies including Infor, who are another large enterprise software company and was responsible for the European business at Nuxeo, a Goldman Sachs backed, open source, enterprise content management software provider.

He currently leads the EMEA business for First Insight, the market leader in machine-led, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for retailers. Mr Jeavons completed his Non-Executive Director’s diploma with Pearson in 2013 and is also supporting other software start-ups to scale their operations internationally. He resides in London, United Kingdom.

Mr Jeavons serves as a Chair of the Sustainability and Remuneration Committees and Member of the Audit & Risk and Nomination Committees of VivoPower.