VivoPower Appoints Tembo Netherlands Managing Director

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VivoPower is pleased to announce that Jos van der Linden has joined the Company in the role of Managing Director (Netherlands) for the Company’s electric light vehicle division, Tembo e-LV B.V.

Mr. van der Linden is a seasoned executive who has spent his career at the forefront of vehicle electrification and renewable energy. For more than a decade, he worked for Spijkstaal Elektro, an innovative international company that was the first in the market to convert internal combustion engine cars into fully electric and serial electric hybrid vehicles. Mr. van der Linden has also been a leader in the development of many customer-specific, electrically driven solutions in various markets, with experience in battery technology, solar and wind energy applications.

In addition to his years of experience delivering sustainable energy solutions, Mr. van der Linden has held several management positions within both family businesses and publicly traded companies. He has a background in business economics, supplemented with studies in the fields of Sustainable Materials Management and Electric Vehicles and Mobility.

Executive Chairman and CEO of the Company, Kevin Chin, commented, “Jos possesses extensive direct experience in the development of electric vehicles, battery technology and related electric power solutions. We are delighted to welcome him to VivoPower and look forward to his leadership as we hyperscale the Tembo business.”

On joining the Company, Mr. van der Linden said, “VivoPower is a unique player in the energy market, offering customers a comprehensive suite of solutions to reduce both carbon emissions and electricity costs. Tembo has enormous growth potential as the centerpiece of those sustainable energy solutions. In combination with the other operating companies within VivoPower, Tembo can enable customers to move towards net zero, increase productivity and lower operational costs. I am excited to take on this challenge within this professional organization with strong core values.”

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