Kenshaw Electrical wins its latest data centre contract

Kenshaw-Cummins-Gen 2

Today we are proud to announce that our wholly owned subsidiary Kenshaw Electrical has garnered yet another contract to provide and instal emergency backup generators.

This follows the news in June that Kenshaw would deliver emergency backup power systems to Gosford Hospital, and in August they announced the 1100kVA Cummins generator there is now in place and ready to undergo vigorous testing.

Like that project, the latest contract is also with a critical service provider, this time a leading Australian data centre. Beginning in October, Kenshaw will deliver 4 even larger Cummins generators – 2250kVA apiece – to the Canberra facility under the AUD$1.9 million agreement.

These generators will guarantee that, by Christmas, the centre can meet all of its operational requirements without interruption in the event of an outage. Onsite generators like these can also enable fully independent off-grid operations if needed.

‘We are proud that our work can help this centre give its clients peace of mind around security and reliability,’ said Adam Malcom, Kenshaw’s General Manager.

Kenshaw has carved out a place as a go-to provider for data centre clients. In June, the team installed another 4 high-voltage generators and 4 custom diesel fuel tanks – all within one day.

And they’re responsible for much more than delivery and installation, providing comprehensive servicing packages such as load bank tests to confirm their power backup systems remain safe and reliable.

‘This project is another welcome addition to our order book and cements our status as a high quality provider to the data centre industry,’ added Malcolm. ‘We look forward to expanding our capabilities in this area in the future.’

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